Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week of Walk

My old back pack on the left and the new one my parents sent on the right
Date:  June 1, 2015
Area:  Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Kortsen
Week 75

We walked a lot this week, Elder Kortsen even has a pedometer so we actually know how much we walked on Friday, the other days he didn´t have it with him, but Friday was the day that we walked the most.

So the week started off pretty normally, the big highlights of the week are that we have a really cool family that are progressing really well. So those kids that we found last week while exploring, we got to meet thier parents and they are really receptive. The mother, Matilde went to church yesterday although her husband, Ernesto, did not because he had some sort of other arrangement, but he´s going next week. We also put a baptismal date with the kids for July 4th. Good date right?

Besides that we´ve been continueing to work with Jose and his family although they are being a little more stubborn about going to church but we were able to get thier kids to go to church as well yesterday so we had quite a bit of investigators yesterday and they seemed to really love it and the kids look like they´re making friends just fine.
We have a guard spider
Friday we walked a whole lot. 14 miles to be exact, and that´s up and down mountains. We were very tired but we found a great place to revisit. We walked that much because we found out that a road in our area makes a large loop and so we walked the whole loop.

We found the village of Ichab where they had no idea what missionaries were and had barely seen white people before. So we blew some minds as they got to experience white people speaking in pretty fluent Q´eqchi´. We got some pretty incredible expressions from passerbys and it was actually quite hilarious. We plan to go back on a market day and pass out cards and copies of the Book of M

A pretty house we saw

ormon to people and it´s just going to be a good contacting day.

Besides those two events nothing much happened besides normal work, walking a little ways and talking to our investigators and visiting some memebers and such, still a really good week and we are excited to move into the next one.

I did get a letter from Mom and Grandma Mary. Thank you both greatly!
some yummy food we made.
Tanchi sign

I love you all,
Elder North

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