Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The start of what may be a really long change.

Date: June 15, 2015
Area: Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Medina

This change is going to feel a little longer because I´m in the situation where I have to do completely all the talking in the companionship because my companion doesn´t yet know Qeqchi. It´s still good though because he wants to learn it and he´s doing a really good job with it so far. At the start of the mission I wouldn´t have thought I would be teaching someone Qeqchi from Spanish. I feel like I´m doing a pretty good job at it though.

This week I showed Elder Medina around Tanchi and he got to meat most of the members and they all asked if he knew Qeqchi and I have to say he does not yet and all that fun stuff.
We tried to find some new people but we havn´t found much luck lately, we found some potentials but we´ve only been able to do that one visit so it hasn´t been much.

I did have some very powerful lessons. I shared a very powerful testimony in Qeqchi with Jose because I found out that he has a little problem of not being married yet, so I just told him straight up of what he needs to do and shared Nephi´s story and how Nephi declares that when the Lord gives us a commandment that he will provide a way for us to do it.

This week in church we had a lot of people. We had to make a new row and I was standing at the entrance of the chapel. We had about ninety people. That probably doesn´t seem like that many people back in the states, but here it was the most I had ever seen in this chapel. Ernesto also finally came and that made me really happy, I was even happier to see him talking to several of the members and getting along with all of them. They´re doing a father´s day activity and he´s invited.
This week we have planned to all go and meet José together as a branch, hopefully that makes them less scared of the members and gets them motivated to go to church. Although José´s son Henry is a boss and has gone for three weeks now. They say that they need to arrange something in thier other church and then they´ll go. I´m excited for them.

That´s about it for the week. I did get a letter from Mom and Grandma.

Elder North

Love the world!

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