Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The miracle of baptism.

Date:  June 22, 2015
Area:  Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Medina
Week 78

The main event of this week was obviously a baptism, but not just any baptism. I got the opportunity this week to see a family get baptized, that means a Mom and a Dad and some children. Not all of the children but some of them, the others will come around in due time.

The fact is that a baptism of a family here is pretty rare, at least, all at once, usually you will find a member married with a non member and you baptize the non member or the Dad isn´t ready yet and you baptize his children, or the most common, the parents are not married yet and they need to do that before they can get baptized but you go ahead and baptize the little ones first.
Either way it was a fantastic experience and there is nothing like the feeling of being all dressed in white and doing a sacred ordinance. Nothing like it. That´s a big reason why I miss going to the temple.

So the baptism of Ernesto and his family was indeed planned for the fourth of July but Wednesday we passed by and Ernesto told us that he will be leaving to Peten Monday the next week and was wondering if we could move foreward the baptism so that he could be baptized with his family. He has only gone to church once and we usually want them to go to church three times before getting baptized so we had to ask our leaders and President Curtiss said if he´s ready that he could be baptized, so we got Elder Pineda over and did the interviews and had to plan everything really quickly without a phone because I ruined the chip but we got it done! It was awesome!

 The rest of the week was kind of slow and hectic because we didn´t have as much time as usual because we had to plan the baptism and do the baptism, but it´s all good. I got to meet Mr. Moore. He was a missionary about eighteen years ago and he sent me a letter around Christmas time asking about the mission. It was a good visit.
In other news, my younger brother Mikel will be going on his own mission very soon and that is very exciting. I really look forward
to see pictures from South Africa, all you guys should check it out as well once he gets out to the field and stuff.

No letters this week, probably are some in the office but I visit that after writing so don´t worry.

Elder Norte

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