Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Little Miracles Everywhere

Date:  May 25, 2015
Area:  Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Kortsen
Week 74

This week was all about walking everywhere, preparing for a baptism and little miracles that were just awesome.

So, we walked everywhere because we´re exploring all of our area and finding new people and we even saw a taxi once and that was a really weird sight, as a consequence to walking we have found wonderful views, taken some pretty good pictures and are tired.

We had a baptism Saturday, Wilson, he is 12 years old and he was just really awesome with everything and passed the interview really quickly and he asked me to do the baptism. I had a wonderful experience while the services were going on. We´re not really allowed to go to the temple as Elders because we´re so very far away from one, if one was closer we could probably go. Anyway, I was sitting all in white and I felt like I was in the temple, a very cool feeling. Now how that feels is just calm, warmth and love and cleanliness. imagine those things all together and you get a temple feel.

A couple of the miracles that happened this week, we were out walking and we found two kids that were carrying jugs to go get water from a water hole and we followed them and we told them about the baptism the next day and a little bit about the church without even thinking about it and they ended up coming! They were even earlier than probably everyone else for both the baptism and church! We havn´t had the opportunity to see their family, but we will be going to do that tomorrow.

The next miracle, we have a guy named Manuel, he needs to get a divorce and then get married to the woman that he is currently living with and so we were pushing him and reminding him that he needed to get it done. It turns out that one time we must have said something wrong and offended him and he told us not to come back.

We didn´t quite know what to do, so we decide that we would just apologize and see where it goes from there, so we go to his house and he´s talking with someone and they invite us into thier home while Manuel finishes his business with the lady outside. Once he comes in he apologizes to us first and then we´re all apologizing and we´re all happy again. We all felt pretty horrible about what happened and now we know that Manuel and his family have a very strong testimony.
Now, the people here are a little different and are prone to holding grudges for a very, VERY long time. So it was a miracle and help from God that we all felt bad and all apologized and got it all worked out.

I love you guys and keep the letters coming as well, I got a letter from Mom (technically from the family about the olive tree) , grandma and the Holden family. I did get my new backpack today and that was really exciting.

Thank you all for supporting me,
Elder Jered North
Laj Saqi Noq´
How people carry things

Around the town

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