Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The end of another six weeks.

 Date:  June 8, 2015
Area:  Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Kortsen
Week 76
This was the last week of changes, we had a pretty normal week, although I guess normal for me is a little less normal for you guys. So this week we had a  Zone meeting and we all go together as a zone and did fun things and learned. I got to do a 24 piece puzzle. They were doing an example and we were the third group. The first two had some sort of problem, like missing a piece or not having the box. So we had the box to help us but I have to say that one does not need the box to help on a puzzle when the pieces are so big, We got that done in less than two minutes.

The next big thing we did this week was go that far away village called Ichab. We armed ourselves with lots of copies of the Book of Mormon and went to the market place. we expected to give away all the books but something we weren´t expecting happened. We had about twenty books and fifty little pamphlets. They were all gone in about ten minutes. We were mobbed and it was rather unorganized but we were able to get a list of names and some phone numbers and a few people stopped to listen to us about what´s actually inside of the Book of Mormon and who Joseph Smith is. It was a really eventful hour.

At church we didn´t have as many investigators as we  thought we would, Ernesto didn´t come again and we´re concerned because if he misses one more time we have to push back his baptismal date and he might not get baptized with the rest of his family, we´ll get him there.
José and his family didn´t go except for little Henry because he is just awesome and more ready to come, it surprises us a little because they live really close to the church and we have many members that walk half an hour. There´s also a member that walks three hours. So no complaining about not having time to go. Try walking one way for three hours plus three hour church plus walking back for three hours on your Sunday. Make plans on Saturday to prepare for Sunday and don´t make excuses! You ALWAYS have time for the Lord.
I´ve been having funny experiences with memory lately, I´ve had to go back and look at my journal to remember something we needed to write down or we had a question if  we actually did something this week. This week went by like lightning and it was incredible.

Now about  changes. I´m staying in Tanchi and I will be companions with Elder Medina from Honduras. Elder Kortsen got a change and he´s actually going to be Zone Leader in Senahu. He´s fairly stressed out because he still has less than a year in his mission, his Spanish is decent but he has pretty much only been speaking Q´eqchi and English for the past twelve weeks and he´s never been a District Leader. He´s just skipping the district leader part and going to Zone Leader. He´s willing to do it but it´s obvious he´s a little stressed about it, who wouldn´t be!

Well, That´s it for now. I love you all.
Elder North

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