Monday, July 28, 2014

The secret society of the kekchi people

Date:  July  28, 2014
Area:  Canlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Jara
Week 32
The Kekchi people don`t really have a secret society, but they are a very secretive people, in the sense that they don`t like to share things, for example, you ask them what they`re doing, they say nothing, you ask them where they`re going, they say `no where` or say `over there` , but the strange part is that everyone asks these questions all the time.

In the odd sense, they`re very secretive, but very not at the same time.
So, we did have some people set up with a baptismal date, now we`re not really sure, because we went to pick them up to go to church with us and we found out that they`re Catholic, very strange for us because we thought they didn`t have a religion. That`s what they told us when we asked, they said they didn`t have one, but then the father `remembered` that they`re Catholic. Very strange, but we shall continue teaching and see if we can`t continue this work forward.
It was another pretty hot week, but with a bit more rain, and we did get soaked a few times, water in the boots and such, but the resulting colder weather is a great feeling, colder being I only sweat while I`m walking and exerting energy instead of constantly sweating.

We had the Zone meeting this week, in regards to mail I got a lot less than expected, but not to worry, mail comes next week as well, so that will be a good day. I did get one letter, from my wonderful sister Amber, who is also serving in a mission.

In Zone meetings we usually hear some talks from the Assistants to the President and then a talk from the President, some announcements and to end it off we have a big lunch, which is very much appreciated here in the Polochic valley and Senahu areas. I didn`t get many pictures, but I did get some.
Other than that I would say this week was pretty normal, some hiking, finding some new people, one lady named Virginia we helped and taught her a lesson, we`re still not quite sure where things are going with her yet. With our converts parents we are working with them and it`s been going great, although they didn`t come to church. In fact getting people to come to church is one of the hardest things here, I`m not quite sure why, some people do think that there just isn`t a difference between churches.

A little about the Kekchi people that I encounter here, they are a great people. They`re nice and kind, but they have no manners. It`s a very interesting combination and sometimes it gets frustrating.

You never travel alone here, there`s enough movement and busses and such that you`re not alone.  Your always with another missionary.

How many priesthood leaders do you need to bless and pass the sacrament? Well, two, one to bless the sacrament and one to pass. I get the opprotunity to bless the sacrament in Kekchi every week for both the water and the bread and one of our local priesthood holders passes, usually Juan Xol or his son.

There`s a few elders that use contacts here, I just have found it easier and less frustrating to use my glasses, I don`t have to worry about dust in my eyes a lot, because there`s plenty of dust.

I carry my driver`s license, my insurance cards, and that`s pretty much it, all the rest stays in the house, I only have copies of my visa, the mission home keeps it, since it stays at home I don`t have to use my document holder.

So..... That`s it, I continue writing in my journal everyday and I`m running out of space in my current one, hopefully my new one gets to me in time, and I`ve played some chess with my companion Elder Jara. I havn`t lost.
I love you all,
Elder North

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