Monday, July 14, 2014

Many new investigators

Date:  July 14, 2014
Area:  Canlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Jara
Week 30

Another week in the life of a Guatemalan missionary, Polochic mission, we do call it that sometimes.

So things are going great, my companion, Elder Jara, isn´t as disobedient as I was first led to believe.  That isn´t to say that there aren't some things that we could work on in that area.  He´s a good worker and I´ve been learning so much from him in how to work, the language of Kekchi and a few other things. I´m helping him learn English, he´s fairly good at it already, but there´s room for improvement, like speed and pronunciation of the words.

Obviously from the title we have a lot of new investigators, many of them are kind of interesting in the aspect of how we contacted them.   They saw us and said they wanted us to sing to them, apparently it´s known around Canlun that the Mormons sing to people.  We gladly do, because what do we sing about? SALVATION! Most of these new investigators seem like they will progress well, we´ll see as time goes on a bit more.
Bye Elder Barker
How come we have a lot more investigators than before? Elder Jara´s skill with Kekchi has been a big factor, people listen to you more when they can feel from the way you talk that you know thier own language and they can talk to you, and then they see his companion try to talk and laugh at him. I got laughed at this week, silly Kekchi people, they´re rude but not at the same time, good thing I´m better at patience, both with others and myself, but that is a continueing process.

It´s been really cool to hear more advanced Kekchi, and I´m understanding it a lot more, it feels like when I left the CCM, I couldn´t speak the best Spanish and such, but I could understand pretty much everything, I´m on my way to being
a really good Kekchi speaker, I know it.

We´ve been walking to the more farther areas in our area, which means two hours of walking in the sun and hiking, it´s good though, beautiful land and some pictures, a little bit more of being tired, but that´s allright, it kind of comes with being here.

No mail this week, but I am curious about any missionary experiences that you´ve had, if you remember I challenged you last week to go out and have a missionary experience or something, and I want to know if you´re doing so, follow up, it´s something I´m learning, and a conference talk was very specific about it.

I´m still doing great! I love your prayers and support, and I pray for you guys as well.

With Love,
 Elder North

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