Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tanchi adventures

Date:  May 4, 2015
Area:  Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Kortsen from Arizona 
Week 71

Week one in Tanchi has been an awesome experience, my language skills are just way better than they were before and I feel like I am talking to the people really well in Qeqchi and the occasional Spanish.

Elder Kortsen is a great companion, a lot easier to make connections when you come from pretty much the same life style and speak in English, it´s actually kind of weird to be speaking in English but it´s been a lot fun working with Elder Kortsen.

The work in Tanchi is progressing really well, we have a couple people getting ready to get baptized.

I also had the fun opportunity to go on divisions with the assistants, it turned out to be rather fun, Elder Orosco is a great guy and we have similar interests, unfortunately we didn´t get to do a lesson that day and we pretty much contacted the whole day and getting me out of my comfort zone and I even did get better at it within the day.

The week went by really quickly because of the changes and because of the division with the assistants. I had about two days in the area and they both went really well, we found some new investigators that look like they are going to really progress. I huge family, the Dad seems kind of set in his ways but the children are very receptive, so maybe we baptise them first and then the parents.

All the members seem to love me hear and they seem rather impressed with my ability with their language and that´s a good thing.

I got a whole bunch of letters today, one from Mom, Jessy and Sister Barnson, two from Grandma Mary and another from Grandma North. I think I´m forgetting one or two but it was awesome to get today. Keep them coming and for the time they actually get to me faster because I´m not far away from Coban, I´ll be trying to return letters as well.

I love you all,
Elder Norte

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