Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another week, and we´re already halfway through, and a Catholic meeting.

Date:  May 18, 2015
Area:  Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Kortsen
Week 73

It´s actually quite surprising that I´m already halfway through this change, it´s already been three weeks since I entered into Tanchi, time has been flying by and it has been a fun time with Elder Kortsen. We speak Spanish outside of the house when we´re not speaking Q´eqchi´ and we speak English in the house and we only study Q´eqchi´ during study time. It´s all working out.

So this week we had a great Zone meeting where we learned more from the teaching of Elder Alonso, the focus of the time was that we need to have a larger focus on finding those that are ready and thus we need to find as many new investigators as possible in order to do such a thing. So we´ve been trying to do that and we have found a couple of new people.

Bacon and Nutella sandwich
We found José and his family recently, I don´t quite remember if we actually found them last week, but I´m sure that this is the first time we tried to get them to church, they didn´t go to church though, and that was because José had to go to his sister´s house because she called him up due to being sick and so he wasn´t able to go and his wife didn´t want to go without him which was a little sad.

I had a talk in church yesterday, I talked about how we need to serve others and one of the best ways we can do that is by sharing the gospel with the people around us and moving foreward the work of God, because when we are working with God in His work we get to feel his love not only for us but for every single one of his children. Missionaries should know this quite well.

Sunday we also had an interesting experience with Catholics. So we were visiting the hous of  Elias and they have a statue of Christ in a case and other statues of the virgin Mary. We went over and found benches up and I asked what the benches were for but no one would answer me, a few moments later we found out why as a lot of kids came in. It was a Catholic Sunday school class and we decided it might be good to leave but Elias´ wife told us to sit and she gave us a drink and some bread probably to make us stay.

It was an interesting experience to be sure, it made me question why we don´t use incense, I remember seeing it appear in the Bible but why don´t we use it. Simply because that was part of the law of Moses that was done away with and so it´s not a necessary thing for prayers or worship services and then if you look in Isaiah 1:13 it says that incense is an abomination, but he was speaking to Apostate Israel at the time so it was an abomination because
they were unworthy.

So, we had a fun week, we also did some hiking to farther areas of are area to see what we could find there, good views and some awesome people, it was a little hot and we did get caught in the rain, but we bought some Kawachin capes and that was good.

No mail this week as I know, I havn´t visited the offices yet today. hehe.

May the spirit be with you,
Elder North

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