Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Getting to talk to our boy.
Date:  May 11, 2015
Area: Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Kortsen
Week 72

We had a very great week plan but it ended up not being as awesome as we thought it would be because a lot of things seemed to just suck up our time and the week was suddenly gone.

So a bit about my area, I love it, it´s not exactly the huge mountains like in Polochic, but there are mountains and the area is huge, there are a lot of paths that go around and over each little mountain, it´s not too hard to get around and the weather is really good here, I got used to sweating and now i don´t have to do that.

I have been getting nasty bug bites, I at first thought it was from mosquitos and then later figured out that it was probably from fleas in my bed because mosquito bites are different, so I changed my sheets and washed my blankets and that seems to have made a difference.
We did have a fun adventure with a spider, it was above my bed on the wall, a large one, so Elder Kortsen and I armed ourselves with brooms and did a countdown and attacked the beast....... We missed..... I skimmed it´s legs and so it fell from the wall down towards my bed and then it disappeared.... I slept a little less comfortably that night as thoughts of a vengeful spider crawled in my thoughts. The spider has not been seen since.

We had a wonderful conference with Elder Alonso from the first quorum of the seventy on Friday, he is a very powerful speaker and very intelligent and thanks to his counsel we have made some changes over the past week and feel like it is making an impact. One of the changes is being more confident, why shouldn´t we be? We are servants and represetitives of the living God!

I got to  talk to my family and the soon to be added sister Arley yesterday, those calls never seem to be long enough yet I know I´ll have hours to talk to them after the mission, this was also my last call home while in the mission field.

Things are picking up and slowing down in one way or another in Tanchi, but we have investigators coming to church that we didn´t think would come and that made us really happy. Now to find more people to come as well.

I love you all, thanks for the smiles, even if I can´t see them.
Elder Norte

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