Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unexpected news

Date:  February 2, 2015
Area:  Korral Pek, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Sierra

The unexpected happened this week when we received the call for changes (transfers) Elder Sierra and I both are leaving Korral Pek to go to different áreas. So, my new área is Sacsuha which is right by La Tinta my first área. Sacsuha is mostly Q´eqchi´ if not all. Elder Sierra is going to El Estor where there is Little Q´eqchi´.  My new companion will be Elder Menjivar from El Salvador I think. I´ll be able to give you more exact details after being with my new companion. It feels wierd leaving Korral Pek because I never thought I would be leaving it so early but it was a really good time being up in the mountains, and now I return to the valley.... The unfortanate part is that we´re entering into summer again, and the summer in the valley is very hot. I have a month or so of cooler weather left though.
We only worked in our área for two days this week because while we were going back home Monday afternoon we got a call from our Zone Leaders to tell us that we needed to go drop by the capital to fill out some visa stuff for Elder Sierra so Tuesday in the morning we started our journey there. We slept in the house of the Assistants and then Wednesday at 3 in the morning we got on a bus to go to the capital, during the four hour ride we got delayed by an accident in the road for two hours which wasn´t that enjoyable.
Once in the capital we went to the imigration office got the paper signed and then returned to the bus stop where we ate lunch and had the opprotunity to talk to some other missionaries and I got the opprotunity to show of my Qeqchi badge to someone. Hehe.
On the way back to Cobán we got delayed two hours again which made for another very long ride, we then had to get up really early in the morning again to go back to Chulac and we made it in time to have our interviews with President Curtiss, tired, but we made it and the interviews were really great!
The days we worked were very unexciting, plenty of service though and that is always an awesome thing to do, even if it´s something Little. We said farewell to our friends and family in Korral Pek and went to Chulac for what may be my last time as a missionary there. We´ll see, I may go back up to the mountains some day but for now I´m returning back into the valley.
We got mail as well, I got one from Sister Barnson, 2 from the stake and 2 from Grandma Mary and one from the Larsens. Good time Reading those.
Well, onward.
Elder North

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