Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week of.... Nothing really.

Date:  February 23, 2015
Area: Sacshua, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Menjivar
Week 61

I kind of feel like this week doesn`t really have any great and wonderful new things or adventures to tell all you folks back home, but maybe I`m just getting used to things that are more amazing, I have also learned that there are great little things everywhere!

We spent this week visiting people and getting less actives to progress, finding some new investigators but didn`t find many and other such things that missionaries do on a daily basis.
We did have a wonderful experience with a family this past week, we had a family home evening with hermana Nuri because the last lesson that Elder Menjivar and I gave the family was a smack in the face. go and read in Alma 5:37-41 where it says that if you`re not of the fold of Jesus you are of the fold of Satan. We hit them with it hard yet with love as we all need sometimes and then we had a wonderfully spiritual family home evening with them on Monday and they are truly changing their hearts and it`s wonderful to see. There is little that gives missionaries more joy than seeing someone change for the better. Truly miracles happen everywhere.
I also gave a talk in church yesterday about repentance, I gave it in Kekchi and I hope that there were people in the congregation that learned from it. I`m not worried that they didn`t understand what I was saying I`m just worried that they weren`t paying attention. I still don`t like giving talks, but I`m kind of used to talking to people, at least, more than I was before.
The weather here is starting to heat up and that means a lot of sweat and a little bit of complaining about how hot it is outside and telling everyone we see that it`s hot. Because that`s something that, even though is common knowledge, everyone comments about.
To answer a few questions that I got from my Mom.
It`s great having electricity in the house again at all times, before in my last area we had a solar panel that gave us light only when we had to use it or else we would spend it all.
I`m back to having P-Days in La Tinta and it gives me flashbacks.
I eat with members a lot and they give a variety of things, beans, eggs and caldo.
Certainly the news coming from home is amazing. Congratulations to my brother Deven on his engagement!
I love you all!

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