Monday, January 26, 2015

A really fast week

A little animal gopher type thing called a taltuza
Date:  January 26, 2015
Area:  Korral Pek, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Sierra

This week went by incredibly fast as some weeks do, nothing too exciting happened or significantly special happened this week either, we went, we taught, we also learned some things from studying and such.
Although I´m starting to get a little annoyed by some of the people. Actually I think it´s kind of funny for the most part, but there´s actually many people that lie about where they live, you start talking to them and think ´yeah, they want to listen and are at least a little bit interested, we could havea great lesson with him and his family.´ Then you find out that they lied about where they lived. That´s the annoying part, when we go and try and find them and it turns out that they lied, but then you end up contacting some other house so it´s not really a complete waste of time.
On one occaision this week we were leaving a house and a woman was walking on the path and we started talking with her and asked her where she lived, she said that she lived way down in Rio Negro (about a forty minute walk from where we stood) we said farewell and went down the path and this path curves around a house, we went around the bend and caught her going in to the house, her house. Silly woman!

We found a great family this week that live fairly close to our house, they let us in and listened to us but these people are not the kind to change from habits that easily and it was quickly apparent that they were like most and didn´t think it convenient to change quickly. We visited them Saturday to ask them to come to church the next day again, turns out they´re going to Honduras to visit and work for a year.... Oh man! We bid them farewell and a good, safe trip and told them that they could find missionaries like us over there as well, although they probably won´t speak Kekchi and only the father of the family will understand, not important, spirit language works just as well and we encouraged them to continue investigating the church.

I did get letters this week four of them, one of them was from the Holdens, one from Grandma Mary, one from Kenn and Amy and another from an unexpected writer. John Moore, a former missionary that served in Polochic, and I intend to write him back as soon as possible, I´m sure if he reads this that it´ll be exciting news to know his letter was recieved.

Thank you all for your support and prayers! Keep them coming, not for me but for the people I serve, I guess you can pray from my language skills to get better so the people will understand me better, but focus on the people.

Elder North

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