Monday, February 16, 2015

Drunks Beware!

Date:  February 16, 2015
Area: Sacsuha, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Menjivar
Week 60

I`ll just tell you all what the title of my email is all about first so that you don`t have to wait. We were walking back home for the night and in front of us we saw a drunk guy walking in his drunky kind of stumble-walk and Elder Menjivar thought that he recognized him so we walked faster so that we could walk past him and see who it was. It turns out it was the brother of one of our investigators which makes us really sad, but as we were passing by he seemed to take an interest in us and amazingly walked a little faster to keep pace with us as we tried to ignore him. He reached out and grabbed the back of my bag.

 Now I don`t like it when people grab me from behind so I reacted and turned and pushed him away, the push was effective as he stumbled back and fell down due to his drunken state.

I`m not really proud of this `mighty achievement of strength` because it was a bad reaction and he could have been hurt more than he was, but drinking is bad, it causes you to look silly and perhaps a missionary will push you down.

Anyway, a very happy event happened this weak as well, we had a baptism! Elder Menjivar had the privileged of doing the ordinance for two young girls age 10 and 9 named Maria and Vilma. They are just really awesome and were ready, they both have people to support them and they were really anxious to get baptized even when the baptism got delayed for two hours because the president of the branch was delayed, but it was done and it went well and they got confirmed the next day.
We have one more young boy up for baptism and we may be possibly putting another date for another young girl, we are also working on a couple of young men, ages 18 and such, we meet with all of them together every Wednesday and teach them together so that they can build off of each other, the sad thing is they didn`t come to church yesterday, but hope is not lost, they`re just starting to really search for the truth and they will come around.
Brand New Puppies
This week was really good although we didn`t find many new people to teach because we were busy preparing people for baptism and preparing the baptism itself, but next week we will be more focused on finding those that are ready. Prayers help.

Sorry I didn`t answer any of your questions, I got caught up in other things. I`ll answer them next week. But it`s awesome to have a fridge again!

Thank you all, I love you!
Elder North

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