Monday, March 30, 2015

Zone conference

Date:  March 30, 2015
Area:  Sacshua, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Menjivar
Week:  66

This week we had our awesome Zone conference. Here it`s actually a multi-zone conference combining three zones into one meeting and that means that we get to see all of our mission buddies where ever they are, unless they went to work in Cobàn or Peten, but here in the Polochic we generally stay in the three zones because those are the Q`eqchi` speaking zones.

In the conference we talked about the new initiative that they`re going to do for Easter. Is it Easter already? They don`t celebrate that here, they have what they call Semana Santa, or holy week. Anyway, we also talked about chapter 8 in Preach My Gospel which is all about using your time effectively. President Curtiss let us in on a little secret. The principles in chapter 8 are great things to master because they apply after the mission just as in the mission.
As far as the rest of the week goes we did some contacting with not too good results, but that happens sometimes, we just have to talk to even more people to actually find the ones that are ready. We talked about that as well in the conference.

With the zone conference I got letters, One from grandma, two from Julie Barnson and one from Sister Barnson. Keep those letters coming.
Sorry about the short email today, I seem to be out of words, but it`s been a great week with more rain than usual that has kept the temperatures at a more tolerable weather where as the usual has been madening with how hot it is.
I love you all,
Elder North

This is a suit that he had custom ordered.  Guatemala flag inside!

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