Saturday, March 28, 2015

Someone wants to get married here!

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Date:  March 23, 2015
Area:  Sacshua, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Menjivar
Week:  65

As from what says my wonderful title for this week we got someone on track to get married, a pair really because you usually do marraiges in pairs. It´s a difficult subject here because many people really 
don´t feel like it´s necessary and it´s just a waste of money, or some people kind of want to be married but they want to spend 500Q for the food afterwards and they don´t want to get married until they´re sure that they can do that afterward.

So we have Juan and Irene set up for marriage and Irene onto baptism in April, I have forgotten the exact date at the moment, but it´s in Abril.

It was a great time for us because we had a very slow start of the week and we were kind of needing a pick me up after the long week, that we had and it makes everyone happy.

A house we found out tracting
We´ve also found a new less active in the ward, she doesn´t want to go to church because she´s from Mexico and doesn´t know Q´eqchi´. I understand where she´s coming from, so we referred her to go and attend in La Tinta where they have more than half in Spanish rather than all in Q´eqchi´. But she´s going to be able to attend the all powerful general conference that is soon upon us in Spanish right here in Sacsuha. I may be able to watch in English, but I actually doubt it and I certainly don´t mind going the Spanish route.

Speaking of my Spanish skills I think I´m a boss at it now, I still review grammar and finding new words through reading the scriptures and dictionary searches. Because I read dictionaries now, as I´ve said before. It´s fun! You should try it! I could probably ace a high level Spanish test with ease right now.

As far as Q´eqchi´ goes, it improves and I learn fun little new words and particles that help me express myself better. All on the uphill.

This week we tried to hike up to Palomar, we realized that it was really far and probably not part of our area so we turned back halfway, it wasn´t without it´s rewards though, we found two member families that are awesome and we will now be visiting them on a weekly basis.

No mail this week, but this coming week we have our zone conference and I get mail there, or I can pick it up today because 
I´m in Coban because my companion needs to do a urine test to see if his kidneys are infected, he´s been having bad kidney pains. I don´t know how that is and how you can tell 
it´s the kidneys that are hurting, but he knows so I´ll go with his judgement on that.

Keep going and give them heaven!

Elder Norte

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