Monday, January 12, 2015

Sometimes people just don´t want to listen

Date:  January 12, 2015
Area:  Korral Pek, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Sierra

This week was pretty busy yet sometimes I feel like I´m running into a wall, but this week, with faith, I´m going to destroy that wall and how great a fall it will be.

So we got back from Coban Tuesday and the reason we were in Coban was to have a medical test for my companion to see if he has parasites, and he came out positive with little friends in his stomach. I don´t know how it happens, my companion gets parasites and I don´t when we eat and drink pretty much the same thing. It´s a mystery that doesn´t need to be discovered.

We have plenty of people to teach but it just seems like they´re not really wanting anything, they just want to listen and that´s it, nothing more, and for me that is very frustrating. I´m wondering if I need to change how I´m teaching in order to get more results, and this coming week I´m doing divisions with my District Leader and he may be able to help me find something more I can do.

We had a wonderful Zone meeting this week where we talked about having faith, faith is hard for me sometimes because I like to think more logically and so it´s something that I´ve been working on, but we were able to get pumped up spiritually and get out there with goals and plans.

I think something that helps me keep my English up and running is my journal writing, I write daily and I write in English so that those in the future will understand what I´ve written, that and instead of being fully in Spanish I have Qeqchi and I learn from English and Spanish into that so that has me thinking in English more, if I was in full Spanish I would probably lose more English, but as it is, not really. And don´t you worry, I´ll be giving my testimony in Qeqchi, and I also look forward to talking with all the young men about my mission and experiences.

We got our water back! I figured out the problem and got it fixed.

I got some letters. Two from Julie Barnson, one from Grandma Mary, and one from my Sister Amber, keep them coming. I´ll try and get some letters sent out your way as well.
I guess that was this week, not my best email, but next week I´ll strive to write you guys more adventures.

Love you!
Elder North

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