Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Faith and action, because you can´t move mountains while you´re sitting on your backside

Date:  January 19, 2015
Area:  Korral Pek
Companion:  Elder sierra

This week´s highlight is faith and the importance of acting with faith. This week was an interesting week, it felt like it went by quickly and yet at the same time it went by really slowly, I find that that is the case with missionary work and life in general, that it goes by really quickly and you look back and there was actually so much that you did.

I started this week of with divisions with my District Leader Elder Wilson, we spent two days together and it was really great as I got to have someone else to teach with me in Kekchi and my leader was able to see the area and it´s progress and of course he got to see my own progress. I feel like I past the test. (Not really a test, we had a great time)

Elder Willson and I
So I´ve been working on faith recently, it´s something that we all need to be able to pretty much do anything within the gospel, and as we read in the Bible ´Faith without works is dead´ and how true is that? I can spend the whole day saying I´ll find someone new to teach, yet if I don´t do anything there is no way that I can find that person unless they are very specifically led to the house of the lazy missionary, knock on the door and ask for the gospel. The spirit is powerful and certainly God is capable of carrying out such a feat, but that would defeat the purpose of having trials and learning. I also remember another quote. ¨God can only guide your steps if you move them.¨
The good news this week was that we found a few new investigators and we were able to also find some less actives and we have a family that is contemplating getting baptized, unfortunately thay didn´t come to church, but we will be working with them so that they can progress and feel the love of God and Christ in thier lives.

Found a shirt that reminded me of home.

I bought a little camera stand.
We´re working to get some more traction on investigators, it´s been a fairly tough week as we found some people who really didn´t want anything and in one case I found myself more of arguing instead of teaching and that wasn't good, sometimes you just get annoyed that people don´t seem to be getting the point even though it´s right in front of their faces, and due to my logical mind I find these people to be quite illogical, but we work with it and we have faith and work with that as well.

I hope you´re all doing great out there!
Love Elder North

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