Monday, September 29, 2014

Last week with Elder Jara

Date:  September 29, 2014
Elder Jara on his way out.
Area:  Kanlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Jara
Week 41

Things have been going well, Elder Jara has been slowly packing away his stuff during the week as his mission comes to a close, this has also sprung up conversations about home and stuff, but not to worry, it´s not going to hinder my work. So, first up, my new companion is another Peruvian by the name of Elder Santisteban, I don´t really know much about him, but I have heard that he knows a lot about the scriptures, specifically the Bible, so I hope to learn a thing or two from that during our time together. Although this change is only going to be four week instead of the usual six because if they did six the next change would land on the week of Christmas making travel for Elders coming and going more difficult. To make up for this we´re going to have an eight week change in the future.

Anyway, we had some good time with some of the members and the investigators as Elder Jara said farewell to them and we shared in some food and such, unfortunately the promise of having a picture with Elder Jara wasn´t enough to get people come to church, they missed out on their chance because we left for Coban soon after church ended, which is actually where I am now. I got to get new ties as well as Elder Jara passed some down to me and a bought a few.

Not too much new stuff on investigators, we couldn´t get some solid visits when we really wanted them, but the Kanlun branch now has a new secretary, my convert Mach, that was exciting to raise my hand to.
Since I´m in Coban I got to get my mail, several letters from Mom and Grandma Mary and a letter from Caice South, I have yet to read them, I plan to do that on the bus back to my area, it´ll make the ride go by quickly I believe.

We´ll see how things go as we continue forward, I always get anxious getting a new companion because the first two days always feel kind of awkward and stiff, but I can´t really do anything about that.
I love you all, and I´ll be sure to share some awesome adventures next week, and some thoughts on General conference.

Elder North

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