Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Come over and pray for our fridge!

Date:  September 15, 2014
Area:  Kanlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Jara

No sickness this week, although I have some sort of rash on my arm that has been annoyingly itch.  I've been applying a cream to it and covering it with a band-aid so I have less of an urge to itch it, it does help.

Our week pretty much started with interviews with President Curtiss and his wife, they were of course concerned about my health.  There is a sickness that you can get from mosquitoes that is not that good to get, but I didn't have it so I am good!

Sister Curtiss gave me a talk that I have just loved.  It is about submitting your own will to the will of the Father.  I've read it several times and have several annotations on it as well.

Moving onto Thursday we visited San Vicente, which is an hour ride in a truck up the mountain.  In San Vicente you can see a lot.  We visited with the family up there that were investigators at one point, but the father decided that his family won't get baptized.  We just visited to see how they are doing and only found one member of the family.  After that we went on an adventure to find a couple new people and also to find a waterfall.  We found the waterfall and it was an amazing time, the hike back up the trail wasn't as fun, but that is what we do here, we hike.

I then went on divisions with Elder Jesus, (Yes, his name) they didn't last very long.  I had to teach a lesson all by myself in Kekchi, because Elder Jesus is still new and doesn't know that much of the language, but he is progressing and learning it quickly.

The title of today's e-mail comes from a kid named Mapo who is our neighbor.  They bought a refrigerator for their house, so they invited us over to pray for it.  I told him we don't do that, he said to come over anyway.  We did and their was a pastor from another church there also.  The family aren't all members, just Mach, there were also several other people who I didn't really recognize.  They prayed quite loudly to God to give thanks and to bless the house and fridge and such.  I always leave these experiences feeling indifferent, they have the right spirit and devotion, it's just put in the wrong way, in the wrong direction.  All of us can learn a thing or two about giving thanks more for the things we have and acquire, but it just doesn't sit right to me to do it in a way that is so loud and nonspiritual.  When you give thanks to God don't you want it to be respectful and peaceful?

No mail this week.  For those who mail me physical letters often and get discouraged that I don't get mail every week, don't be.  It is only that way because of the mission.  We only get mail once or twice a month.  Typically the mail sits and waits in the office until someone comes out our way.  I love every letter that I receive, so keep writing.

Despite today being the independence day of our lovely country of Guatemala, I've only seen a little bit of festivities.  Luckily it didn't impede my ability to e-mail or other things.  I would think we would be encouraged to stay aloof of rowdiness.

Thank you all for reading!  Your support!  Love!  ETC!

Elder Jered Lamont North

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