Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another party, another cake

Relaxing by a waterfall
Date: September 21, 2014
Area:  Kanlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Jara
Week  40
Another change (Transfer) is coming to an end, so we had a party with our neighbors to say goodbye to my companion Elder Jara due to the fact that he is ending his mission in a week, the party was mainly for the birthday of Hector Pop Yaxcal, but they liked the idea of including Elder Jara in it, they love him, more than me I must say, but eh. That`s alright, they do enjoy my company so I can`t complain. They claim it`s because I don`t talk to them as much as Elder Jara does, which is true. Naturally being quite combined with not feeling confident in talking for a long time in Kekchi does that.
Looking out over the promised land

So we did have a cake, it was better than the last time we had cake, pictures of it were taken, it had apple pieces on top.
So this week we began teaching a new family, I actually forgot their name, but they live on the same street of the Pop Yaxcal family, so their not that far away from the church, we helped them with some chores and such as well, and the little kids seem to love me. Not much more information on them for you all yet, but we`ll see what happens.
This week we did another long hike, about an hour and a half up the mountain, to a place called kiche` ha` , which is actually translated as `forest water` , which is wierd because we didn`t see any water there. We met with a fantastic investigator by the name of Josè, with his wife and young teenager. That lesson was absoloutly amazing, I was able to explain things like I have never done before, and with the help of Elder Jara and Elder Pineda we rocked it.
No letters this week, but hey all! General Conference is just around the corner, so get ready, and compile your doctrinal questions to be answered by those that I know will truly bring the Spirit into your soul.
I love you all!
And never forget. GO GETCHA SOME!

Elder Norte
Best companionship photo ever!

Birthday party and also a going away party for Elder Jara

Elder Jara and Elder North

Beautiful Guatemala

Pointing out my area Kanlun

sleeping monster in the mountain

The world is good when the dog sleeps with the pigs

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