Monday, August 25, 2014

Children yelling through the window. Ice cream they say.

Date:  August 25, 2014
Area:  Kanlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Jara

About the title, so Elder Jara took it upon himself to do something kindly for our neighbors, after last week where he chisled all of the ice out of our little freezer he took some Helados: translated to Ice cream from Spanish, although they`re just flavored ice, more like ice than ice cream, but anything frozen and sweet is ice cream.  So he helped our neighbors freeze some, they sell them and often they come to the fence and start yelling for Elder Jara, not for me like I said last week I believe... Or I just wrote it in my journal, either way, they don`t bother me as much as they do Elder Jara, but they feed us some food sometimes so it`s actually not a bad deal.

I got letters this week, ten in total, Elder Champagne, my Zone leader handed them all to me with a rubber band holding them all together, so I havn`t looked to see exactly who all of them are from, I know most of them though. I got.
Two from Grandma Mary,
One from Mom,
One from Amy
One from the Holden's, funny, they sent me an email today saying they sent it, well I got it!
Three from Sister Barnson, always exciting
and two dear Elders with the name of Laura North as the sender, but some times Dear Elder does weird things and puts multiple letters in one.

Elder Jara teaching the children at church.
My main story of the week is about the children of Kanlun, I feel like they`re actually starting to look up to me more and actually listening more to what I say, I try to help them pay attention in classes at church, but they get distracted really, really easily, for us, the Kekchi people are not known for their attention span. Elder Jara likes saying that they have less attention span than normal people, not that that`s bad, it`s just them, so you`re forced as a missionary to find ways to keep them engaged at all time.

We had a new investigator and he came to church this week! Sacrament meeting this week was also only 40 minutes long, I`m not really sure why, so Elder Jara`s class was longer than usual, he still did awesome as he always does, that comes with 23 three months of missionary work I guess. I`m barely cresting up to 9 months.  He teaches the youth, which means, all the youth that are older than 2 years old and are younger than 18. I don`t teach because I`m not really assigned to, yet.

Today I started out feeling a little depressed, I pushed through it saying to myself that it`s nothing, and then a little later found out that I was hungry not depressed. So if you feel sad, go eat something, maybe ice cream or something, I find it to make me feel a little extra happy. That is if I can find a good ice cream.

I thought of some foods I miss, and I found one that I really, really miss, Some good Sharp Cheddar cheese, I think it`s known that I like cheeses, and there`s not many here. So one thing I miss a lot is cheddar.

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 1:12  Why? Lehi advises us to be men.

I love you all, thank you for all the letters! I was really surprised to get them today. Always a good surprise.

Elder Jered North

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