Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The wheather outside is... Well... It´s fantastic really. (Week 2)

Date:  December 24, 2013
Area:  Guatemala CCM
Companion:  Elder Oliveira

Well, I think my first order of business this week is to answer the questions I have been given.

What mission is Elder Oliveira going to? - He is going to the Honduras something or other mission. That is in Honduras.

Are most of the 12 there now staying in missions in Guatemala? - Yes, most of them are going to the Retaulello mission (incorrectly spelled, not sure how to actually spell it)

How many in the Coban mission?-- Right now only me and Elder Gubler, that will change this week as we get a new group of missionaries entering into the CCM. As far as how many in the field of Coban currently, I have no idea.

Who are the others in my district? - Elder North, Elder Gubler, Elder Lene, Elder Oliveira.

Last week on Wednesday I did send out a total of three letters, one of which is to Great Grandma Nielsen, so if I am correct, it should be arriving sometime in a week, and I did receive a letter from Grandma Pam on Friday, the day after I wrote last time.

So... This week was a little less exciting as it is the second week and things are not that new and exciting as they were during the first week. The food is still good and we receive three meals each day, so I still have quite a few granola bars and other little treats that are slowly being depleted. I was able to attend a session in the Guatemala City temple and I will be going again this Thursday, where I will dwell on some of the more pressing things of my mind that are of a bit more spiritual nature, I do think I did mention I went in my last email.

I´m not homesick if anyone is wondering, things are great here and they are quite warm, this city isn´t called the land of eternal spring for nothing. I plan to open my present’s tomorrow evening and I do wonder greatly what´s in them. Our plans for Christmas day is to stay here for the most part of the day and later in the day we will watch a devotional that will be shown to the missionaries in all the CCM´s across the world, so sadly my brother and sister in arms will not see it since they are both in the field.

I´m progressing well in Spanish and have recently felt my ability to teach grow as well. (You, my family, will probably be able to hear how well my Spanish is going when you call.) Me and Elder Oliveira practice teaching about every day in a lesson we choose at the time we start, it helps with Spanish and it helps with our teaching together and in general.

A little bit of how Sunday´s go in the CCM. Sundays are a bit more relaxed as they should be, although breakfast is thirty minutes earlier than normal and I kind of don´t like that, we then have sacrament meeting where everyone has prepared a lesson on a subject and we find out who is speaking at that time. After is priesthood meeting where we learn a lesson, last week was Obedience, and then it is District meeting where we get together as a district and companionships are chosen to give a lesson on a pre-determined subject, much like sacrament meeting. In this past sacrament meeting Sister Nicolaysen, the president´s wife, spoke about Christmas, while the rest of us spoke about the Apostasy, as it was the chosen subject. Sacrament meeting is in Spanish for the most part, but the rest of the day is more English.
Later in the day on Sunday, we usually watch a couple of videos, this week we watched the video, Testaments, Legacy, and a devotional that occurred in January of this year in the Provo CCM, the speaker of that being Elder Ballard.

Pray every day, read scriptures every day.

I love you all and hope you guys get a little more snow, (hehe) so that this Christmas can be a white Christmas for you.

Palabra de el diá - Sacerdocio = Priesthood

Elder Norte

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