Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saying goodbye for two years is bitter sweet.

It is not an easy thing to let your child leave for 2 years to serve a mission.  You don't have contact with them whenever you want.  You can only talk to them two times a year (Christmas and Mother's day) and e-mail once a week.  Trust me it can be so frustrating when you have asked the same questions for a month and still not gotten an answer because you are just e-mailing and they are ignoring that question for some reason.  You can't just call them up and say, HEY answer the question.  It is not easy at all but I am thankful for not only my children's willingness to serve missions but also their worthiness to be able to serve a mission.  I know that they grow so much in part because they have to do it on their own.  We will miss Jered, our bear boy, but we wouldn't want him any other place.

Jered is our fourth missionary from our house.  His oldest brother came home from South Carolina in May, his older sister left for Chicago in July, and a brother who left for Arkansas in July.  All three of those kids went to the Provo MTC (missionary training center, where they learn how to be a missionary).  We are from Utah so we were able to take them to the MTC.  When you arrive at the MTC there are a BUNCH of smiling face Elder's and Sister's waiting to greet your child and show them the way.  When your child goes to a foreign MTC you take them to the airport where you are with them as they check their baggage (breathe a sigh of relief when they are not over weight) and then walk them to the security gate.  You embrace them and tell them goodbye and then watch them make their way alone through security and disappear down the hall. There is nobody there to greet them and make sure they are doing things the right way and getting to where they need to go.  Yes these are technically adults, but anyone that has ever had an 18 or 19 year old understand that they are really not grown up yet.  They are still our babies.  They have so much on their minds, they are leaving EVERYTHING they know to go to a foreign land where they don't even speak the language yet.  They have a lot on their minds and they are alone and we are so happy they are doing it but sad because we can't do more for them.  Jered's flight is currently boarding while I write this.  After he went through security he had a bit over an hour until it was his time to board.  He will get on the flight and fly from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles where he will have a two hour layover.  He will then get on a new plane at just after midnight and fly all night (or four hours) to Guatemala City.  He will get off and look around for someone from the CCM (MTC in Spanish).  The language, smells, and sights will all be new.  There is one other Elder from the US going to Guatemala and Jered should meet him shortly as he boards the plane as the Elder was coming from another plane.

Here are the pictures from our farewells today.

Saying farewell to the snow.  Actually he had me take one of him
on his camera so that he can show what he came from.

Putting the first sticker on his chart.

Our missionary wall.  Good thing we don't have four that
can go right now we don'g have room for another poster here.

Group photo of the kids left.

See ya brother


Older brother Deven

Silly Taryn

Mikel will most likely be gone on his mission by
the time Jered comes back meaning it will be just over
31/2 years they don't see each other.


Great Grandma is 97 and told Jered to do well and be good.  She said thanks for
coming by to tell me goodbye.  I will not be here when you get back but
I WILL see you later.  She is 97 and ready to go home to our
Heavenly Father and to see her husband who died in 1995.  She is so sharp
and enriches each of our lives we do not look forward to that day.

With the luggage 

2 years worth of stuff in two bags and a backpack.

Getting the boarding pass.

Checking in - whew, both luggage's were 49 pounds.

Last picture with mom and dad for two years.

Heading for the security gate

The fun of security, take off everything and hope your clear.

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