Monday, December 9, 2013

Pictures from Jered's farewell

Here are pictures from today's festivities.  Thanks to all who made it a special day and came out and celebrated with us and said goodbye to Jered.

Yummy food all around.

Taylynne and Olivia talking to Great Grandma Nielsen

Cousin Taylor and soon to be Elder North


Load up your plates

On our TV was pictures of Jered through his 18 years.

People eating while looking at the photo's of Jered through the years.

Sam, Jake, Jered, and Brandon.  Brandon's farewell is next Sunday.
He is going to North Carolina.

Snowy day outside so everyone took off their shoes.

Grandma North and Aunt Shannon

Elder North with his sugar cookie name tag.

Ucle Tony, Aunt Shannon, Elder North, Jayden, and Tyson

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The photo's really did hold everyone's attention!  Made me cry.

Elder Jered North with his Great Grandma Opal Nielsen.
This woman is amazing and doesn't let anything stop her even at 97 years old.

Grandma and Grandpa North, Elder North, and Grandma Nielsen

Aunt Bethany and cutie pie Bryson

Uncle Karl and Elder North

Both soon to be missionaries.  Way to go boys.

mom and daughter.  My niece Leah and my sister Jennifer.

Zane kicked Jake out of the way and sat next to Sam and cuddled up to her
and declared he was now her boyfriend.  

The Blackham Family!

Long time childhood friends these two.  They have know each other since birth.
Caice South and Jered North - yup you read that right!

Say hi everyone!

Seirra, Taylor, Jered, Leah, and Ammon
Sierra is going on her mission in April to Japan!

Taylynne getting some baby time in with Alyssa.

Steve getting some rest but still part of it all.

Grandma Mary and Jered

Silliness with friends

Kids playing

The Larsen Clan

Uncle Jed schooling Daniel in some Foosball.

Jered fading fast

Uncle Karl with Olivia bug

Church friends stopping by to say farewell

A serious game of chess in front of the Christmas Tree.

Look I am actually in a pictures.  This is me, I am Laura, I am mom.

Jarmon Family

Both going to be missionaries in foreign lands

Nutty, Jered, and Nathan

Aunt Karoline, kido's and Bear.

Olivia didn't want to take the group picture but after
went and hugged on Jered.

Zane wanted in on the action.

What happens when you ask to silly people to take a picture!

Jered and Kat

Nutty's lips

Jered and Caice lifetime friends


Time to get your game on

The clean up crew

Chess is no small matter

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