Monday, November 9, 2015

Week of unexpected and expected travels.

Date:  November 9, 2015
Area:  Tacuru, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder McEntee
Week 98

This week seemed to fly by because we had to do some more traveling than the usual. I´ll just tell about those first.
So, the unexpected travel was because of an emergency change. Not for me mind you, but for other Elders and we had to escort Elder Flores to Cobán so that he wouldn´t be alone and so we had to take a little trip to Cobán, while there we did get to take advantage of the brand new Taco Bell that is up and boy was that good, I was craving Taco Bell the rest of the week, it´s amazing how different Taco Bell actually is from the food here that says it sells tacos all the time. A taco though can be many different things. With meat or without.

The other travels were expected, we had zone meeting this week and it was my final zone meeting, with that I did get plenty of mail. All of my happy birthday mail came, and they were from the Holden's, Karoline, Grandma Mary, Mom and I got a letter from Sister Hibbs and from Rowan. They were all very cool and I loved them, thank you all.

Since we were running around everywhere we didn´t have as much time in our area as we thought we would this week but we did some great work. We found Juana and her two little children and they are now set for baptism my last week, which means, the 28th of November. One of Juana´s daughters is actually baptized already but she couldn´t due to her living circumstances but now she can.

With that we also found Matilde, she really wants to be baptized but has to get married first, that´s actually not that hard and we have some major help here in Tucuru, the hard part for her is that her husband works in Honduras a month at a time and only comes back home for about three days. It´s a really rough schedule, but that´s how they have it. So we´re figuring that out but we believe she will be able to get baptized by the end of December.
An update on Olga, she is still unsure about things, she really wanted to know more about Joseph Smith so we got to gether with her member friends and we watched the Joseph Smith movie and actually ended up just talking about gospel stuff for an hour after. The only thing that annoys me with her is that she isn´t reading, she needs to do that.

We celebrated a couple birthdays this week as well, I was actually fasting one of those day and didn´t participate in eating the cake, a little sad but it was all right.

Answers to some questions:

My clothes have held up fine, I´ve lost a couple of buttons though. My shoes.... Well, you´ll see.

I don´t really know my neighbors, They are friendly though, their dog is not.

I am sleeping like a baby, crying and turning all night. But really, I´m sleeping really well.

I usually have my bowl of cereal in the morning.

I learned this week about eternal progression, that it is only possible with marraige and the family. I´ve thought about home a couple times this week, hehe.

That´s about it for this week,
Love you
Elder Norte

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