Monday, November 16, 2015

Water that falls down

Date:  November 16, 2015
Area:  Tucuru, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder McEntee
Week 101

A couple things this week. I´ll start from the end, which means today.

So, today I went on what could probably be my last major adventure while on the mission, we went to see the giant waterfall again and this time it was a lot bigger than the last two times I went, it was really good and we didn´t get ambushed by lamanites like we did the first time. Due to that I´m emailing a little later than usual.

This week we also celebrated the 20th birthday of my companion Elder McEntee. The members here in Tucuru are just absolutely amazing, they went all the way to Tactic (About an hour and a half away) to buy a really awesome chocolate cake for him, of which we all enjoyed although with really rich chocolate cakes you can´t really eat a lot all at once, but we ignored that and had really big pieces anyway. It was that day that I was eating some nachos and I must have bit on one really oddly because my back tooth chipped. It suddenly felt odd and I felt like something was missing, sure enough my tooth had chipped quite a large chunk off, but it doesn´t hurt, I´m hoping that on the way out of the mission I can stop by the mission dentist and see if they can do anything about that, if not I´ll just have to wait until I get home and see my own dentist.
Sunday we had a special District conference, it was a special conference for all of Guatemala where the area presidency spoke as well as Elder David A. Bednar of the quorum of the twelve apostles. They focused on the Sabbath day and how we can help others stay in the church once they have gotten baptized, in other words. Retention of converts. A big part of that is the role that members play in helping investigators join and stay in the church. As my time as a full time missionary comes to an end I look to ways that I can still help in the missionary work but as a member. It´s certainly a different part of the work but it is really important as well. References from members are more than three fourths of the baptisms of missionaries I believe.
Things are going well, I´m about ready to go home but it´s just a little time more in the field and I´m going to really stick it out and love it and love the people and the place because I don´t know when I´ll be able to see them again.

Thank you all for keeping up on my mission adventures, just a couple more and then I´ll be having return missionary adventures.

Elder Norte

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