Monday, November 23, 2015

Up on the mountain tops

Date:  November 23, 2015
Area:  Turucu, Guatemala
Companion:  Edler McEntee
Week 102

This week I did divisions with my Zone leader Elder Soriano, I got to go up to Senahu for the first and last time in my mission.  Senahu is a part of the Polochic that is way up in the mountains and we call that the mountain district and boy did it feel good up there. It was raining more and it was very cool and not hot whatsoever. We had some good lessons up there but honestly it felt more like a vacation for me, I was out of my area so I wasn´t the one taking the lead on where to go and what to say in the lessons so I got to relax more than usual. We met with a really cool less active named Enrique, he had some doubts about the church pop up and so we visited him and did our best to answer is questions but most of all we told him that he should really take his questions to his Father in Heaven who will not only give him the answers, but will give them in a way that is completely unique to him and in a way that he knows they are true.  Senahu is a really pretty place, how I describe it, it actually feels like you are in a town IN the mountains instead of in a town SURROUNDED by mountains as I have felt for the most part of my mission.

Other than that works goes on like usual, Juana and her daughters are very excited for her baptism. We did get to go to a graduation party, which is to say that we went and ate a meal to celebrate the graduation of one of our investigators. Here in Guatemala when there is an event like a birthday or something you invite pretty much everyone you know just to share a meal with them. That´s pretty cool.

I´m now starting my final week in the mission and it feels weird but honestly I´ve been a missionary for quite a while that it just feels natural to keep going for a little longer.

I love you all,
Elder North

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