Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Your vote counts

It´s time to start another awesome change in Tanchi and this week went by quickly, yet slowly. One of the reasons it went by really slowly was because we didn´t have a district meeting so we didn´t have to go to Cobán during the week and that in turn made it feel like the week was a little longer, yet it still went by.

We´ve been contacting a bit more than usual, gotta find those people that are ready to get baptized. We found a man named Raul this week and he seems pretty chill, we didn´t teach him much when we first past by his house because he was busy but we were able to introduce ourselves and put up a time for a return visit.
We have roadkill here too
On our return visit we went over the Restoration and he really seemed to understand really well that there needs to be a prophet on the earth so that God can talk to his people and give his commandments. God talks to the prophet directly and gives him his commandments and then the prophets gives it to the rest of us.

Unfortunately we didn´t have very many people come to church this week because there were elections. Can´t really blame anyone that September 6th fell on a Sunday, (the independence day of Guatemala) so many people were over by the voting houses that were set up, we still had a very good attendance in church. I´m going to be happy not to have to hear all the propaganda anymore. They have posters and stuff and trucks that drive around the villages blaring music and stuff from the different parties.

I did get plenty of mail this week, I got package from Mom, I thought it was humorous that it said it was the last package I would get on my mission. I´m fine with that though. I got another package from Jessy Salas.
Letters from Grandma Mary, The stake and Mom and Amber! Thank you all for the letters, they bring a smile to my face.

Love you all.
Elder Jered North

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