Monday, April 27, 2015

The sun, it burns!

Date:  April 20, 2015
Area:  Sacshua, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Menjivar
Week:  69

This week has been stupid hot, so hot that we don`t want to go out in the streets to contact or to do anything, but what has to been done has to be done. They say it`s because they`re burning the cane sugar fields as well which does make sense, it pushes all the heat towards our end of the valley in combination with the normal heat and humidity that we enjoy here..... I miss snow, thanks for the cooling pictures this week from Mom.
This week I recieved some mail, one from Mom and one from Grandma Mary, letters are always amazing to get and I love them. Keep them coming.
We`ve been going around this week making sure that Juan and Irene are still on point for baptism, they do actually need to have the DPI physically in order to get married and this pushes back thier date a month but it will happen and you all will hear about it when it does, with pictures of course.
We`ve also been working a lot with Floricelda, sometimes she wasn`t home and that`s a little bit frustrating when her baptism date is getting every day closer, but she`ll be ready for next week!
Planning has been working and getting us out and ready for the day, a good start to a day really makes the rest of the day go better. So.... Yeah.
I love you all,
Elder Norte

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