Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Interview week to pump things up a bit.

Date:  April 13, 2015
Area:  Sacshua, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Menjivar
Week:  68

As the title says we had some interviews with our awesome president of mission Presidente Curtiss, we had these on Wednesday and I always go into them a little nervous yet excited because I always come out pumped up and ready to work, and plus the slight nervousness goes away as soon as the interview actually starts, this time around we talked about planning and how that can springboard the missionaries into all of their activities for the day and the week as we plan everyday and once a week we plan for the next week, if you do it right it really helps more, if you´re lazy about it I´ve found out that you kind of go into the next day with a feeling of "what next?" because I am sure that every missionary has had those days where they just don´t plan that efficiently, I know I have. Or.... Havn´t. Anyway, in the interviews we also get an assignment by hermana Curtiss, last time we had interviews our assignment was about the atonement, this time around we are learning more about the priesthood and it´s keys. So if you have any fun things you find then tell me.

We also had divisions this week as well, I went to La Tinta the land of my birth with Elder Lagunes and he showed me around the side of La Tinta I wasn´t at when I was there, so that was actually a pretty fun experience, I got to meet with some old investigators, converts and members and meet new people as well so it was all a fun blast.

Aside from that we now have someone else on date for baptism, her name is Floricelda, she is ten years old and her parents are members and they actually live really close to us yet we actually didn´t know that she wasn´t baptized untill now, so that actually is pretty cool, it´s getting the whole family more interested in the church yet again and they are doing wonderful.

It´s been a fantastic week and I´m looking forward to two more weeks with my companion Elder Menjivar as he only has two weeks left in his mission, he´s getting baggy (known as trunky in some places) but he´s still going strong.

I´m out untill next week,

Elder North

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