Monday, December 1, 2014

The Book of Mormon contains the answers.

A paka is like a DI or Savers

Date:  December 1, 2014
Area:  Korral Pek, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder  Vargus
Week 50

So this week we have been focusing our efforts on getting Emilio ready for his upcoming baptism next week on the 6th of December. I think he´ll be ready, he´s been asking quite a bit of questions and have been bringing up passages of the Bible not to try and contradict us but something that seems like it contradicts and wants to know what we think about it and we´ve been able to explain really well. He has an interesting view about things and it´s been a really good learning experience for me as I find the answers he´s looking for and able to clarify passages of the Bible from our doctrine and with added light from the Book of Mormon. Emilio´s interview is set for Thursday and Elder Wilson will be coming to Korral Pek with me to carry out the interview.

We found a new family that may be able to progress, but they live about thirty minutes away from the chapel and they say that it´s a little too far, and thirty minutes of walking is a bit tough, but sacrifices have to be made. I´m still not the best at contacting people, but I´m getting better at it, being able to

explain why we´re here and what we want and what we want them to do and why and how it can bless them. Contacting is complicated.... But you need to find new people to teach and that´s one of the biggest ways you do it.

I´ve also had some learning experiences as I help teach the little children in the branch, I help with the primary and each week the amount of kids in class multiplies, I don´t know whether there´s new kids or they think my classes are entertaining or something. I did usually just play games with them, but this week I decided that although we could play games for about half the time that I would feel better if I actually shared something with the little ones and I taught them how to pray. They are little children so I don´t think it´ll all stick, but with the spirit they will remember how to pray correctly and do so, and plus kids can be surprising when it comes to remembering things.

When you get close you can smell the honey
We did quite a lot of walking this week and for a day I was hit by a large case of Diarrhea, where my intestines pretty much wanted to explode and my stomach was making all sorts of whale mating calls all day, but I got though it and have returned to wonderful normal bowel movements.

I forgot to mention that we helped people sow their seeds of corn this week, it´s not that hard of work, but how they measured where to put the seeds proved to be a bit difficult.  Because it is this time of year people have a custom here, they sow their seeds and then they eat caldo, it´s a soup with chicken, so a lot of people have been inviting us. We had it three times last week and we already have planned for another go this week.

No mail this week, but Zone meeting is this week and we´re going to get mail then, I´m excited, mail is always exciting, although I havn´t been able to send mail myself for a long time, not because I don´t want to, but because I can´t ever seem to find the post office open in El Estor at any time in the day, I´ll see if I can correct that.

Beautiful Korral Pek
I hope you all are doing great! Remember to read your book of Mormon, or your Libro De Mormón
local pigs
, or your Lix Hu Laj Mormon, or read all three if you have them. LIKE ME! Ha..... But really, I recommend reading the book of Mormon, and for those who are learning languages it has been said that reading the book of Mormon really helps with learning said language. I´m learning two languages so it seems to be working.

Get out there and make some miracles happen. (Christmas spirit and all that.) Don´t ask me about thanksgiving, that doesn´t exist here.

Love you all,
Elder North

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