Monday, December 22, 2014

My week this week.

Date:  December 22, 2014
Area:  Korral Pek
Companion:  Elder Sierra

This week was a pretty good week, I got to go on divisions with my Zone Leaders, that was a pretty fun time. I got to leave my area and go to Teleman for a couple of days, I was feeling kind of odd while I was down in the valley again and after thinking about it a little I found out what the feeling was. So I had the feeling that one gets when they go up camping for an extended period of time and then they come back home, that feeling, if you know what I mean.

We worked hard and then after we got reunited with our companions and we talked about how the divisions went, apparently while I was away Emilio´s baptism date fell because Elder Piñeda was talking to him and teaching him and he confessed that he was having problems still with drinking and such. that´s a bummer, he told Elder Piñeda all this because he taught him in Kekchi instead of Spanish like we were doing with him, and people like it more when you teach them in their native language, it doesn´t matter if they know another one, unless they tell you specifically that they prefer a certain language. That was a lesson to me and I´ve put plenty more effort into teaching and speaking Kekchi to the people even if they understand Spanish, recently we´ve found that there are plenty of people that understand Spanish because Elder Sierra can´t speak Kekchi yet and so I was speaking more Spanish than usual. Not anymore, pure Kekchi now, and I´ve really noticed a difference.

We were able to talk to plenty of people and find out that there are plenty of less actives in

korral pek, so we´ll be working with those. This week wasn´t the most exciting, but it was good, always good, passing out the ´El es la dádiva´ cards, (he is the gift) and although the people don´t have computers it´s nice to pass out a picture of Christs birth, and nothing like a little picture to start up a conversation.

The hardest thing about training is that he doesn´t realy need to be trained how to teach, he teaches better than I do when we can teach in Spanish, but when can we teach in Spanish? Hardly ever, so his biggest block is the language and I´m trying to figure out right now if he actually wants to learn the language or if he´s learning more out of necessity than anything else.

I´ll be in Chulac for the Christmas call.  We will just go there so that we can make our phone calls.  We will go on the 24th and spend the night and then head home on the 25th so we can be back in our area by noon.  

They go to the church there in Chulac where they have power and cell service.  They spend the night on the pews.  

People set up all sorts of trees and lights here, but it doesn´t feel that much like Christmas because there´s no snow, but it does feel like Christmas because there´s all sorts of lights and stuff put up, odd things.

I told him that we have had rain for the last two days here and have no snow either.  So it is strange for us this year too.

No mail this week, but that´s all right.

Love you all!
Elder North

He loves mail so write him when you can.  It costs $1.15 to mail a letter to Guatemala.
Elder Jered North
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