Monday, June 9, 2014

Opposition in all things

across a bridge
Date:  June 9, 2014
Area:  Kanlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Barker
Week 25

Obviously from the title I learned a little bit about opposition, as it goes there are a lot of Evangelical churches around here and also the Catholic church, of which they don`t really like us Mormons, also saying that we`re prideful because our building is pretty, where really we just want a nice place for a celestial being (holy ghost) to dwell while we worship in a nice, reverent manner, instead of the very loud preaching style and singing.

So a little bit about what I learned about opposition, we were listening to one of the many devotionals on my Ipod, we`ve actually started going down the list and listening to one almost every day, so, there exists eternal laws that even God has to abide by because they are laws, much like we have the law of gravity, it doesn`t exactly restrict us in our agency or anything, but it isn`t something we can change. So, opposition is one of these laws.

Opposition exists a lot here, but we can`t do much about it, in fact it can help us grow, and there`s a lot of people who do many things as I said earlier, but the more these people say that our church is not true, the more I find that it is true and I`m convinced more and more of how true and awesome it is and feel sorrow for those who see otherwise.
My awesome companion Elder Barker

Elder Barker got slightly sad this week, it was sad for both of us, the work is hard and slow here, but we keep going. In this particular instance we saw a drunk on the street, ok, a drunk, that happens, as it turns out this drunk was a member that used to attend church every week... We don`t know what happened yet, it`s not really that effective to talk to drunks.
I got two letters this week, that kind of dissapointed me because I`ve been waiting for letters for a while and I thought that I was going to get a lot, oh well, we might get some this week, so it`s all good. These letters were from Karoline and Grandma Mary.

I`m still loving Kanlun, the scenery is great, less noise and a lot more Kekchi, I`m teaching lessons in the language now and yet still surprising myself and maybe even Elder Barker a little, on how much Kekchi I actually know. After so long of feeling like it wasn`t going to get anywhere for a while, it finally hit, and this is in harmony with what Elder Hill said would happen, it happened to him. Just one day it catches on and you really start getting it. Having to speak it everyday has pushed it to that and It`s awesome.
Elder Bakrer and Elder North

I`ve heard rumor that there are many Elders coming into the mission soon and that I`m actually being prepared to train someone here in Kekchi, but this is only just a rumor, we`ll see what happens when changes actually happen.

I e-mail in La Tinta and Teleman, we switch off every week.  I am in La Tinta today.  It takes about an hour to get to or a little more for Kanlun.  The food is about the same here in Kanlun, maybe a little spicier actually.  The branch is the Kanlun Branch.  The biggest change is that there isn't Spanish being spoken and it is all in Kekchi.   It is less of a town and quieter too, I love it.
I know this gospel is true, the lord Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and no one can find eternal salvation except through the principles he taught, and all of the principles , ordinances and the authority to do them can only be found in this church. I`m very strong on this point even with investigators.

Pictures of Kanlun, I am hiding in two of them

Get out there and do some good,
I love you all,
Elder Norte

So write Elder North today because it takes awhile for him to get letters so don't put it off another minute.  He would love to hear from you!  

Elder Jered North
Guatemala Cobán Mission
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-02, Zona 3
Cobán AV 16001
Guatemala, Central America
It costs $1.15 to mail a letter to him. You can use regular envelops and stamps just make sure they equal $1.15. If it weights more than a regular letter you should take it to the post office to have it weighed.


Use Dear Elder (
its Free to my mission. Just got to, create an account
and it will track the letters you send
so you can go back and view them.
On the drop down menu just put in
Guatemala Cobán Mission and then
address it to Elder Jered North.
They get mailed out once a week.
This will be the best way to contact
me since I don't have that much
time on e-mail each week.

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