Monday, May 26, 2014

I don`t like people playing with my emotions.

This week was a pretty exciting week, a little laid back in other cases but still good. I get up at 6:30 to work out, it`s gotten to the point where I havn`t had much need to set an alarm, because whenever I do I wake up one minute before it goes of and get annoyed at it. Elder Cummings on the other hand has gotten into the habit of sleeping in a little bit, hehe, I havn`t really stopped him from doing so, so I uess it`s a bit on me as well.
The news with Wilson is that we havn`t been able to meet with him because he`s having this whole thing to `celebrate` the death of his grandma I believe, so he asked us to hold of coming over for a bit, not that he doesn`t want to continue investigating, but just to respect his guests. He loves the missionaries and the Book of Mormon, he`s probably past Alma by now, he reads so much, but still hasn`t come to church. Oh well, the chapel in La Tinta is said to have about three weeks left, that`ll be a good help for us in La Tinta. Investigators need to go to church three times before they are baptized.
The baptism of Christian Estevan Sanchez Martinez went really well and he was dunked and engulfed in flames. (That is to say, baptized by fire. If you really don`t know what I`m referring to go read scriptures)  The funny thing is we actually didn`t plan to well before it and planned most of it while at the baptism while everyone was sitting down, the turn out was more than Estefany`s and just as spiritual, in fact Estefany gave a powerful talk about her own experience just two weeks before.  Elder Lopez did the dunking this time as requested by Christian.

We road around in Tuk-tuk`s a bit more, they`re like little three wheeled taxi`s, most of them are red but there is a yellow one that I believe is very special, we got to ride in that one.
I actually lost the phone for a day, we had a lesson with Sophia and I left it there on accident, because I used the flashlight on it to sing the himn and didn`t realized I didn`t put it back into my pocket afterward, we got it back the next day with no troubles.
No mail this week as we don`t have any event that merits someone taking the pouch from the mission home to us, but in two weeks we will have another zone meeting and I`ll get mail then.

Now you`re probably wondering about changes, (or transfers as they aren`t called here) I have an interesting story with this one, so we receive a call to say who`s staying and who`s going Saturday night, and then Sunday night we find out where we`re going and who are new companion will be.

So on Saturday night we received a call, I`m of course thinking of being changed into the mountains where I`ll learn Q`eqchi and all that. We were told that Elder Cummings was going and I was staying, much to are confusion, why would he go, he only has one change here and I have three!? Well.... That`s that, now my mind turns to more of who my new companion is going to be.

Sunday after church I start cleaning parts of the house while Elder Cummings starts to do some packing, then we get another call from Elder Bobadilla, (district leader) they had been told wrong, I`m leaving and he`s staying!

To Kanlun, my companion will be Elder Barker!  Kanlun is by El Estor.  More details next week.

I`m still in La Tinta right now, but I`ll be heading off to Kanlun and by Wednesday be there. We`re really excited. I will miss La Tinta though.
That`s all I have for this week, Elder Cummings` new companion will be District leader, Elder Morris.

Pictures won't upload this week.
Thank you all for your support,
Elder Norte

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