Monday, May 19, 2014

Reference week I guess.

Date:  May 19, 2014
Area:  Lat Tinta, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Cummings from Idaho
Week 22

This week started it out kind of normal I guess, but throughout the week we got so many references, 6 references received and we contacted 3, if that seems low to some of those return missionaries, well tough, I`m in the mountains and this was awesome. References are just great as they are usually people who are going to progress a lot faster and be led to be dunked sooner. Speaking of dunking, we have another baptism planned now for this upcoming Saturday, I`m all about the fast baptisms lately.

His name is Christian and he`s already been taught everything by Elder Moberly, but he moved before they put a date and so we get the baptism, HA. We haven`t been able to teach his Mom, but Elder Moberly said that she was ready for the waters as well.

With Wilson we have not asked him to baptism, I thought about it, but I really want to do that after he`s attended church once, but he`s still awesome, but we`re not going to be visiting him this week because he has things to do, but we will call him periodically to check up on him.

The references we contacted this week we`ll really be starting to teach this week, so we`ll see how it goes, good prospects though.

With Estefany`s family, her mother and sister are now interested in learning more about this church, we should start teaching them this week as well, not sure why we didn`t this past week, but things go by quickly.
We had Zone meeting this week which means that we get mail! I got three from Grandma Mary, (love the puns)
Three from Sister Rowan Barnson
One from Grandparents North
One From Mom,
One from Karoline,
And one from Jessy

I think that covers all of them, I have a folder of all the letters I`ve received and it`s kind of completly full to bursting, I`m going to find something to do with them.
Some adventures that I had this week, some of our appointments feel one day, so we decided to go explore a part of town that we havn`t quite been in that is part of our area, so off we go, we find river stuff, anthills and an abandoned house, more or less just concrete walls. In said house I took a picture of a big leaf as big as my face, but this isn`t a big leaf at all here, that`s a normal leaf, I got a picture later of a bit leaf, I`ll leave it to Mom to sort out which is which in the pictures I send her.
Our multi Zone conference was held in Chulac, a very beautiful place that wish to go to, if you think the pictures I have of La Tinta are great, well, there`s much more beauty to be had in the mountains instead of in the vally surrounded by the mountains. (A note on Chulac, I was forgetting the name, but then I had a memory about Shrek, where they have the little booth that says Dulac... Or whatever the place is called, is a perfect place, but only I say Chulac)
abandoned house

Market not on market day

It rains more for sure, but no problems with leakage, we don`t swim here.
The mosquitoes are a constant annoyance, not a lot, just enough that I always have itchy feet.
There have been accounts of bed bugs, I havn`t had to deal with them yet, but we`ll see what experiences come my way.
I learned great things in Q`eqchi` this week, the most notable is that in order to say `to kiss` you say `to suck face` .... Yeah, it`s funny, Q`eqchi` does that.

Next time I send an email I`ll know if I`m being transferred and if so who my new companion is. I find it funny that those in the states don`t know until the last second who they`re going to be with. I find out early, part of being in the mountains.
I love you all, Pray always as I got advice from my Mom to do,
Elder White String,
Spaghetti with cheese, sauce, and garlic sauce - one of my favorite meals
Laj Saqi Noq`

Elder North would love to hear from you. Check out his blog for all the details on how to write him.

Two sides of the Chicken Express sign

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