Monday, November 10, 2014


Date:  November 10, 2014
Area:  Korral Pek, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Vargus
Week 47

I AM PIG CHASER! I CHASE, PIG RUN, I CATCH, I WIN! (Spoken like a true cave man!.
So, yes, I chased a pig this week, I actually chase pigs on a general basis because your church yard has a short fence around it, but the pigs like to crawl in through holes or come in when one of the little kids leaves the gate open, so I chase them out. Yesterday I chased and the pig slipped in the mud and missed his exit and I caught him and him up to the sky as he squealled and such, and then I put him down and he bolted out of the church yard. He wasn´t too happy. Pigs are silly creatures.
I got some mail this week, yesterday in fact, we had district conference, it´s like stake confereance except when you´re in branches instead of wards, Presidente Curtiss went and we heard him speak while someone translated for him in Kekchi, his talk was great! He´s been really focusing on concecration for the members and especialy for his missionaries. I got handed mail after the meeting when we had to walk back to our area. 3 letters from Mom, 3 from Grandma Mary, 1 from Tayrn, 1 from Sister Barnson and 1 from Sister Regen and 1 more from Grandma Maxine. Thank you all for the mail! Now if only I was better at replying to all of you.

The investigators we are working on recently are people who have member in thier family, so, part member families, it´s fun to focus on them because we and they can have the support to church, although we had no investigators in church this week because it wasn´t in our area rather, it was a hour hike away or more for others, but we put higher goals for this week and are going to work hard to meet them. The goals seem to high for me, but my district leader, Elder Wilson convinced me to set them higher and have faith. Faith like that is a little difficult for me sometimes because I like thinking more logically, but we´re doing it and putting faith that we´ll be helped to meet these higher goals.
Things are going well here, nice and cool, I´m learning quickly more things in Kekchi with my companion Elder Vargas and it´s just a fun experience, chasing pigs and all that. No one has told me I couldn´t chase the pigs, but I think that if they´re in my yard I can chase them out to my hearts content.

No dates yet for baptisms, but we have a few that we´re preparing for a marriage and a baptism, we hope to be able to put dates this week, and find new people and just work.

The picture from last week of the church was taken from standing in my doorway.  Our house is straight across.  

We go to El Estor for P-days.

Elder Vargas only needed to have a blood test done, but he did some tests previously, something with his vision, I don´t really know the specifics.

We still go to Chulac to sleep in the chapel there on the pews, I need to bring a jacket or something because it gets pretty cold without a blanket.  We go to Chulac to give our numbers because our area has no service, and then it's already night and we sleep there.  We have a solar panel at both our house and the church.  We get some electricity at night if we use it but there is no signal for the phone that we do have.  It will be interesting how Christmas goes down.

I don´t know how you´ll be able to find it on a map, you could look it up in the church website where to the branch of Korral Pek is, that´ll probably be the biggest help, but the area is probably huge.

The people are about the same, just there´s a little less Spanish.
The best thing about the new area is probably the views all the time.

Thank you all for the support and especially the letters.
¨Give em´ heaven!¨ - Sister Regen
Elder Norte

PLEASE write him.  It is getting to that time that if you want him to have anything for Christmas, even just a card that it is time to send it.  If you do send a package that you don't want him to open until Christmas if it happens to get there sooner then I would just wrap the gifts and inside write a note that says wait and open these on Christmas.  Don't put anything on the package saying it is a Christmas gift as theft is a problem.

Elder Jered North
Guatemala Cobán Mission
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-02, Zona 3
Cobán AV 16001
Guatemala, Central America
It costs $1.15 to mail a letter to him. You can use regular envelops and stamps just make sure they equal $1.15. If it weights more than a regular letter you should take it to the post office to have it weighed.

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