Monday, March 24, 2014

More happenings from Gwatemaal

Date:  March 24, 2014
Area:  Lat Tinta, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Aguero from peru
Week:  14

So, when I left you guys last I was in Cobân, well, I`m back and having a normal P-day in La Tinta again, and it actually feels pretty great, a bit more relaxing than last week was. 

While I was in Cobàn I did get a sweet looking grey trench coat, how? Well, in the assistant`s house they had some stuff under a table that other missionaries had left or something and was free to grab, so that coat was there and I grabbed it.

We got back to La Tinta at 8:00 in the morning on Tuesday and got ready to have Zone conference the next hour. Zone conference was awesome, we got taught on the importance of praying with sincerity and with true intent, this was taught by the Assistants
and we then heard a talk from our mission president. President Curtiss. He talked to us about teaching the basics and the importance of just the basics of the gospel. It`s what we`re here to teach. I took my notes in my Preach My Gospel because I forgot my notebook.

The next day we had interviews with the President and his wife and with the Assistants. The first one was with the assistants, which we have intereviews as a companionship and we talk about our area and some of the difficulties we are having in it right now. Next up was with Sister Curtiss and she reviewed just how we were doing, feeling, our health and stuff and she gave an assignment to me and to every other missionary. This assignment is to find out everything about Grace, the simple explanations are great and such, but I feel like there`s more.

Then came the interview with President. Honestly I could probably talk to that guy for hours on end, he told me the importance of using language and our duty as representatives of Jesus Christ, which is something that I`ve always remembered being a missionary. The bit about langauge is that there is some slang used here, not really bad slang, but there are words here that you wouldn`t hear everywhere else and missionaries have adopted them into their Spanish vocabulary, so this is more of a way to increase my vocabulary and since then I have been learning 2 to 4 new words for Spanish every day. Every day words like puddle, or pebble, or stuff like that that will simply increase my vocabulary. We then talked about other things and I brought up how I would love to go to an all Kekchi area. So we`ll see what comes up with changes in three weeks.
Elder Glover took my camera and had some fun

Now we go to Thursday and we start our work for the week, yeah.... Just a little bit later than usual, anyway in the three days we had to work this week we found some new people to teach and Maribel went to church with us this week. Yeah! That was really exciting for me.
Made some letter pancakes this time
 Other happenings this week, so one of the new people we found because we were walking and we looked to our left after coming to a crossroad and we saw a burning rock, apparently that`s a thing. You burn the rock and it makes it easy to break apart and then you move the pieces, thus clearing the rock from the house, so I guess I should call it a boulder, because it`s a big rock. So we talked to some people around it asking what the burning boulder was all about and we got into a long conversation with this guy and then asked if we could come back and share a message, he agreed. so yeah, new investigators. I didn`t catch his name.

Yeah for mail, please keep them coming!
I have recieved some mail this week as well, two from Grandma Mary, two from Julie Barnson and Brenna, one from Grandma (although it said as the sender Terry North) and.... Yeah that`s it, but man, these letters keep coming, that`s just awesome. I`m planning on stepping up my sending letters out a bit, so prepare yourselves.
So... That`s whats up and I`ll talk to all of you next week with more adventures and stuff.
Love you all and THANK YOU all for the support.
Elder Norte
My awesome trench coat

Learning English

An old computer a member has.  It still works.

YUM PB&J double decker

Tortilla Man

Keep the letters coming he really appreciates it and loves that he can reread them when he is feeling down.  E-mails he only has access to once a week and for a limited time so snail mail letter rock!

Elder Jered North
Guatemala Cobán Mission
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-02, Zona 3
Cobán AV 16001
Guatemala, Central America

Remember it costs a total of $1.15 to send him a letter.  It can be three regular stamps or you can buy airmail stamps at the post office.

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