Monday, February 17, 2014

Xamaan wuqub´ (week 8, I think it´s week eight...)

Panoramic of Pina Blanca
Elder North in a grove of trees
Date:  February 17, 2014
Area:  La Tinta, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Aguero from Peru
Week 9 (yup not eight)

Well this week wasn't that great in the sense that we didn't do much in the way of working, there's some reasons for that.

First off Tuesday was an absolutely horrible day for me.  I got sick, yup, I got a fever and such so we went to district meeting and after I slept the day away.  I was better Wednesday.

Most of our plans we ended up not doing because the man in the mountain of Palomar which was sick, Hermano Gimnasio.  We visited him again at the request of our Stake president.  We spent the day hiking up Palomar again, we had other visits later in the day, but people weren't home.  Although we did get in a lesson with Amairani and we committed her to be baptized on the eight of March.

The next day, Thursday we planned to work in Sierra de Chama.  So we went up that way and then we got another call form the Stake President saying that Hermano Gimnasio was going into the hospital and the church pretty much represents plenty of things with the hospital and it would be easier for him to be accepted if we were there.  So we walked half an hour to get there down the mountain, but we went a new way and I got pictures, the ones with the bridge.  I thought they looked pretty neat.  We didn't do much else Thursday
but visit with the Pop family.
Hobbit Path

Friday we planned to work in Pina Blanca, another area in the mountains, but more on the left side if you look at the mountain.  The people we tried to visit were not there although we did explore a little to get to know the area a bit more.  The pictures of the hobbit path and the picture of me on the rock overlooking the distant mountains, and also the panoramic picture are all from that area.

Saturday...I think I mixed a day, but it went kind of similarly and we did more walking and didn't have any lessons really.

Sunday we went to church and after sacrament meeting half the ward went up to Palomar to visit the family of Hermano Gimnasio.  So we hiked up Palomar again...Yeah.  The end of Sunday we taught the Coy family again and we will be visiting them more as we prepare them for baptism this coming Saturday.  They will be my first baptisms if they do get baptized, which I'm sure they will.

Another bridge picture on the new way we found from Palomar.
Things aren't easy all the time, but we try our best, and when things get overwhelming you can rant about everything in your journal, cry and go to sleep.  I did this Sunday night and this morning felt loads better.  I even made pancakes, which were pretty good.  Next time I'll try putting some sort of chocolate in it.

I've noticed something, there are a lot of products that say centroamerican product and all of them also say hecho en Guatemala (made in Guatemala).  So i'm lead to believe Guatemala is pretty central part of Central America.

To answer some questions I got.

My towels are working well, not sure how to explain much more than that.
We bought him micro fiber towels to help with drying fast because of the humidity.

What could be done to prepare me more for everything?  First thing that comes to mind is pushed me on my
On a rock looking out over the area of Pina Blanca
Spanish a bit more, but I don't have difficulties with my living conditions or surroundings.  They're not great, but camping and certainly hunting where we live up in the mountains for a week or a little more has helped prepare me for that.  Dad is good with giving us a bit of knowledge of other cultures and such.  I'm not sure there was much more that could be done to prepare me.
Well from our perspective we pushed him as much as any parent can push any teen to do anything.  HA  Love hindsight!  Some of the missionaries have had major culture shock with being in areas that they breastfeed very openly and the children are quite old and things like that.  

I do apologize to Mom that I have not taken pictures of people.  I'll be doing more of that this week.  In comment of your high 40's weather.  HAHAHAHAHAHA, cute!  It's HOT here, I sometimes think I won't ever be dry again.
We have had beautiful weather here in Utah the last few days.  We even took the kids hiking today.  It was muddy from the snow and rain but a beautiful day to be out in nature.  Had sent Jered a picture of Ceaira and I after our almost four mile hike.  He replied saying, where is the sweat?  I said it is mid 40's with a slight breeze so no need for sweating.  Amber's reply to that picture was...Still Snowing!  Amber is freezing in Chicago and Jered is sweating in Guatemala and Bryen is loving the winter in Arkansas.  He doesn't love the summers so much when it is very humid but the winter has been great.

Something I ate that was pretty interesting was a red banana.  It was like a normal banana, but the peel looked red.  A little interesting thing here is they call bananas, bananos.  I expected to hear platanos, but nope, they're bananos.

Most people here work in farms or work in the little shops.  There are some bigger shops on the main road, but that is it.

Generally on a P-day we get up and do some studying, then we go play some futbol and get some lunch then e-mail family.  After we will do some shopping and pick up our clothes and clean a little if we think we need it.  Then go to some lessons and visit a member's home.

Keep sending those supportive prayers, I love you all.
- Elder Norte

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