Monday, February 24, 2014

My first Baptisms, in the 10th week of my mission.

Date:  February 24, 2014
The Coy Family
Area:  Lat Tinta, Guatemala
Companion:  Edler Aguero from Peru
Week 10

So I am not really sure where to start this week.  Things slightly ran together and I'm not going to be able to give a daily account like I did last week. 

We did have the baptism of the Coy family and that happened at eight in the morning on Sunday so they could receive the Holy Ghost in the following sacrament meeting. The font is a bit smaller

than we have in our wards but it is in the church.  A bit about the Coy family which I am sure your a bit interested about.  There are six children, five girls and one guy.  Edwin, Romelia, Daniella, Ana, Ilse, and Mercedes.  We baptized the older five, so all but Daniella.  Daniella is the most precious to me.  She is the youngest and is absolutely adorable.  She gives me a hug when
we arrive at her house and when we leave.  She also leads me around the chapel after the baptism, just to simply lead me around everywhere.  A brother from the ward baptized them.  The parents have not been baptized.  Not sure why the mother isn't yet but the father is marred to another woman at this time, so he is on our investigator list.

Coy family dressed in white!
Now about my Kekchi name....Aj Tz' ak was temporary as I looked for my permanent name which is usually given by the people.  So given to my be the Coy family is Aj Nog', or some times Saq' Noq' which is to say string and on occasion white string.  They speak both Kekchi and Spanish.

Some of the locals

An interesting thing that happened this week was that we were called to go to the hospital to give someone a blessing.  When we got there though there was a local pastor from on of the local churches and he was giving a blessing.  We didn't quite know what to do, the patient is a member, but I think the Pastor was or rather is his father and he is not a member...So we opted to return another day. 

We didn't doas much walking this week, but we did have a division.  I went with a member and Elder Aguero went with a member and we went to different parts of our area.  I did pretty well, I prepared my lessons and we did them.  Althought not waht you would call perfect, I did it.  In Spanish.

I got mail today as well!
- Karoline
- The Andersons I believe
- Caice South
- Mom
- Also dear elder from mom which actually had a letter from Jessy in it.

All these were sent in January and I can say they took about three weeks to get to me.  I believe it takes almost the same time for both regular mail and dear elder pouch mail to get to me.  How long it takes often depens on when they get it out to my area.
Family of Sister Lila

To answer a few questions...

I have had to cross a river to get to an appointment.  We took off our shoes, rolled u our pants and crossed a little part.  We returned a different way so we don't have to do this often.

P-days are held in La Tinta and we e-mail from La Tinta.

I hardly wear my contacts.

Thanks for the support and I'm so happy to receive letters, keep those going!  They make a tired missionary less tired!!!

- Elder Norte

So please support Jered and send him a letter.  If you do it form Dear Elder it is free.  Otherwise it cost $1.10 in stamps.

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