Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ultima semana en el CCM

Happy Elder North
Date:  January 14, 2014
Area:  Guatemala CCM
Companion:  Elder Oliviera
Week 5

Yes indeed, it is my final week in the CCM, finally.  In exactly one week from when I send this e-mail out I will be traveling by bus to the mission home in Coban which I will then spend the night there and then head off to my first area.  I do not know when I'll get to send an e-mail again, so yeah.  Also note not to send mail to the CCM anymore, from what I know you need to send them to the mission home.

It is almost a three hour trip from Guatemala City to Coban Guatemala so it is going to be a very long day for him I am sure.  So his mailing address now is.
December 11th - 12 Misisonaries at the Guatemala CCM
Not sure of the order but the missionaries are:
Elder Gubler, Lene, North, Oliveira, Burnham, Chapman,
Guant, Kanahele, Nielsen, Weltmer, Winn, and Sister Giles

Elder Jered North
Guatemala Coban Mission
6a Avenida 2-36 zona 1
Alta Verapaz

And now answering questions.

What is your favorite part of the CCM? - I'm not quite sure I even have a favorite part, the food and maybe Christmas time.

Who is the person you get along best with at the CCM? - My companion, as he's the one I'm with the most and such.
Christmas Time - We all got stockings!
Elder Gubler, Lene, North, Oliveira, Burnham, Chapman,
Guant, Kanahele, Nielsen, Weltmer, Winn, and Sister Giles
Did you receive any snail mail this week? - Other than the first week I have only received two other letters, both were on January 8th, both by Grandma Mary.  My guess is that I'll be getting a lot when I get to the mission home.

It seems strange to me that they are so worried about secrity at the CCM and take away your electronics.  I would think that the CCM is one of the safest places in Guatemala.  Any feedback on that for me? -  I'm still not sure about he reasons, but they have had cameras taken in the past, so it's just a precaution I guess, the CCM is pretty much the safest place here and since it is an ecclesiastical institute, it is a bit safer.

Decorating Cookies
How many missionaries are you at now?  What is the size of your district now?  Who are your leaders in your district? - District doesn't change with new groups, so Elder Lene is still our district leader, although Elder Oliviera was called as Zone leader two weeks ago, kind of forgot to mention that.

Have you struggled with waking up or going to bed?  Have you been tired?  Is it emotionally or physically draining being in the CCM?  - Not at all a problem, it has been somewhat mentally draining here at times as you are in classes and busy all day and I don't have my most standard means of relieving stress and pass times, but that hasn't been an issue.

Tell us what you most often have to eat? - We get a wide variety here...Nothing is really most often, I'll save that for a mission field question.

President Nicolaysen is from Draper Utah and actually goes home about when we go out to the mission field. I'll give them our address and then maybe they could come over for dinner or something and you all could have a nice chat with the man that was in charge when I was in the CCM.

I will tell you about the map outing when I am able to send pictures.  We haven't really gone anywhere else other than Walmart.

The Spanish is coming along.  I am not speaking Spanish all the time but I am progressing and learn something new every day.

This past week we went to the temple for the last time as the temple is going to be closed for three weeks of cleaning.  Also exciting news that I get to miss.  One of the twelve will be visiting the CCM like the day after I leave to re-dedicate the new parts of the building and to give a message which I am sure will inspire those that will be in the CCM.  Kind of sad that I don't get to hear it, but the message must not be for me if he's not going to be here when I'm here.

Things are going well, time is running out here and it is getting exciting.  I'll definitely miss Elder Oliviera, but it will all be really good.

Thank you for the support and for your love, I hope the letters I have been sending out have been getting to you and I hope I will receive your responses some time in the near future.

- Elder Norte
Right after Christmas we got a ton new missionaries.  As you
can see many Sisters and lots more Elders.

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