Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting it all together

Date:  August 17, 2015
Area:  Tanchi, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Torres
Week 86

This week was kind of off kilter, we weren´t having as effective teachings and things seemed to just be off for some reason, but hey, the turning point of the week was when I had divisions with Elder Reyes and my District leader went to Tanchi with Elder Torres.

Working in Chicojl seemed to actually take the stress away from me, we had some really powerful lessons and they were in Spanish! I don´t think I´ve had a Spanish lesson for about 3 months, so that was an interesting experience. I got along really well with Elder Reyes and it was just a fun day inviting people to repent and come unto Christ and when I got back to Tanchi I was ready to go. The end of the week still didn´t go too well because we had one of the various political parties visit the village and when that happens everyone goes and sees them and thus no one is in their houses and Sundays are usually very slow around here anyway, but we were able to make awesome plans for the coming week and we´ve been visiting members a bit more and they seem very happy with us which is good because we all want to be on the some side.

Besides that we found some new people to teach and we hope they will be able to progress. One by the name of Juan, I actually havn´t even met him. Elder Pineda and Elder Torres contacted him. Not I. So, We´ll see what happens when I do meet him. From what Elder Pineda told me when they showed him a picture of Joseph Smith he said, Oh, your god. Obviously not, we do not worship the Prophet Joseph Smith, we worship God and Jesus Christ. So after explaining that and a bit about prophets they left and he invited us back to teach more. I´m excited to meet him.

So, that´s about it, I love you all and I hope your all doing well. Mail I got are from Grandma Mary and Julie.

Elder North

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