Monday, October 20, 2014

Last week mice, this week a spider.

Date:  October 20, 2014
Area:  Kanlun, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Santisteban
Week 44

Last week I told of my tales about my little mice friends (thought my mom would REALLY enjoy that), although they are not really my friends as I want them out of the house dead or alive.  This other guy is a different thing.  Alright, so this is how it goes...We were preparing to go out to work after church yesterday and Elder Santisteban needed to get something from his suitcase.  It was under the kitchen counter, upon movig it a tarantula of about medium size scurried out.  Surprisingly it didn't scare Elder Santisteban like the mice did.  So instead of doing a dance on it's head we used a broom and had it in the middle of the room and started taking pictures of it.  Then I caught it.  I plan to let him loose as missionaries are not supposed to have pets, and plus I dont' know how to feed him.

This week went really well, it went by quickly but at the same time very slow.  We have an investigator that is found in the little village called Kanlun 2, it is like Kanlun but it is a littler farther away.  Fancy naming it that!  So this investigators name is Ofelia.  I told a little about her last week I believe.  We have a baptismal date with her set for the 15th of November.  I am not sure I will be here for that, but I will work as if I will be.

We have been working with more less active members.  Some of which really annoy me because their children love getting on my nerves and making fun of me kind of, not nice, but trial of patience.

We have been able to find some new people as well through giving random service throughout the week.  Carrying some things or helping with some of their daily chores and all that.  Service to others
is service to God, remember that.

No mail, I thought I might have gotten some but I didn't.  The next time I will get mail is the first week of November I believe.  Which is kind of a bummer, but mail is always wonderful whenever I get it.  You all just need to keep writing and hope that I can find time to write back. (hehhe)

I love you all, until next week!
Elder North

Elder Jered North
Guatemala Cobán Mission
Apartado Postal #34
3ra Calle 2-02, Zona 3
Cobán AV 16001
Guatemala, Central America
It costs $1.15 to mail a letter to him. You can use regular envelops and stamps just make sure they equal $1.15. If it weights more than a regular letter you should take it to the post office to have it weighed.


Use Dear Elder (
its Free to my mission. Just got to, create an account
and it will track the letters you send
so you can go back and view them.
On the drop down menu just put in
Guatemala Cobán Mission and then
address it to Elder Jered North.
They get mailed out once a week.
This will be the best way to contact
me since I don't have that much
time on e-mail each week.

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