Sunday, April 20, 2014

The end of change number 2 in the field

Package from home
Date:  April 14, 2014
Area:  La Tinta, Guatemala
Companion:  Elder Aguero from Peru
Week: 17

I am not being moved to another place, yet, I`m going to be staying in La Tinta for another change but Elder Aguero is going to Panzos to train a new guy again. My new companion is named Elder Cummings and from what I here from others he`s going to be fairly interesting, he is from Idaho so he will be my first ... er.... Gringo companion.

Elder Aguero
There were quite a few changes this time, and I`m now in a new zone although I haven`t moved because they split the Zone of Polochic, I am now in Zone Tucuru, good news for me though is that Elder Hill is going to remain my Zone leader, I love that guy, he`s cool.

No letters this week because there wasn`t a zone meeting or something where we receive letters, but I have the feeling that there are letters for me in the offices or on their way. Thank you all.
About the week... Well, we worked a normal week really, although we did find this new family, the Yat family, they`re great and are progressing well, but again we run into the problem of them not being married. Honestly I`m a little irked at this problem. All our investigators that are `spouses` are not married and it`s been a little bit of a stumbling block in thier progession, but it`s part of the culture here, people live together and have children and are pretty much considered married by the community, but they`re not married. I`m still actually learning how to deal with this problem, it`s all a work in progress.
Honestly.... That`s all I really have this week, we went around yesterday to all the member`s houses to let Elder Aguero say his farewells to them and take pictures with them. I didn`t even take that many pictures this week, but I shall give my two cents in about my trainer Elder Aguero, or as we know him in Kekchi, Aj Mama` , which means Abuelo, meaning grandpa. Why does he have this name? Well you see if you pronounce Aguero without a hard g sound as it should be in Spanish then it sounds very similiar to Abuelo.
Last Supper with Elder Aguero at the house of the Pana Family

Anyway, Elder Aguero taught me what I needed to know about being a missionary out in the field, as was his job as my trainer, but through these twelve weeks he has taught me more Spanish and Kekchi and how to teach more simply, because I have found out that I really have trouble explaining things simply sometimes. He teaches really well and really simply, using the scriptures often and with knowledge, he`s forced me into somewhat uncomfortable positions where I needed to speak, but that was all to help me get used to this life and learn how to do things. So, I`ll miss the guy although I don`t believe our relationship will go beyond this, because all in all we never had problems and got along, but our companionship for the most part felt like we were only companions and nothing more, so he falls in to the category of missionaries that will be my friend, but not a friendship that will last beyond the mission.
As always I thank you all for your support for us out here in the field, but don`t just say words, go out and do things to serve, don`t show us your love, show God your love, and how do you do that? By serving and loving one another.
With love,
Saqi Noq`
Elder Norte

PS...I gave my laundry lady the gift that I received to give her from my package, she seemed pretty excited and happy about it, but it`s sometimes hard to tell with these people, they don`t really know how to show that kind of emotion... At least, the adults don`t, they also seem to have trouble smiling for pictures, but that`s not a problem for me, it adds to the culture.
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Elder Jered North
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